There’s nothing like the lure of a road trip – the sun at your back and wide-open spaces ahead of you. They’re liberating and carefree – and are the stuff that memories are made of. But while hitting the road may seem simple enough, they do take a little bit of preparation in order to make them as fun and safe as possible. Take a look at these seven road trip safety tips that can help ensure you have everything you need for your next adventure.

1.Take a map. Even though you may have a smartphone or GPS with access to maps and turn-by-turn instructions, if you lose service or lose your phone, you’ll need a map to know how to get where you’re going.

2. Pack roadside necessities. When you prepare your car for a road trip, be sure to pack a backpack with jumper cables, water, snacks, a flashlight, and screwdriver in case you or someone you meet along the way needs a hand. And always make sure to have a jack, a tire iron and a good spare tire.

3. Fill ‘er up. You may not always know where the next gas station will be, so be exercise caution and don’t let your tank go below one-third full.

4. Share the road. As you prepare your car for a road trip, others may be readying their bicycles, motorcycles or even their hiking boots for a cross-country trek, as well. So be mindful of who’s on the road and give everyone the room they need to make their journey safely.

5. Buckle up. In many it’s the law.

6. Enable your child safety locks. If you’re traveling with young kids who have curious hands, make sure to activate all of the child safety locks in your vehicle. That way, if or when buttons are pushed, your kids won’t find themselves in harm’s way.

7. Share the driving. It’s a road trip safety tips that’s easy to overlook, but bored, distracted or drowsy driving can all be dangerous. To remedy the situation, try to share the driving duties with another licensed, responsible driver and give each other a break from time to time.